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These are always very popular and getting harder and harder to find.


This pair are a tad smaller than the norm so perfect for a more delicate look.

My ears are not pierced so I cant show them on but my model is coming on wednesday.

 The acorn leaves above the acorn twists over at the top hiding the loop that attaches the acorns.

Mighty oaks grow from a small acorn and the value of its meaning in 19th century jewellery is related to personal strength through virtue


Measure - 22mm long from the top of the leaves

weighs - 2.1g

English circa 1870

gilded silver

Condition - one of the acorns has a ding, and one of the shepherds hooks needs to be reshaped which I will get done before sending.


Antique box not included.

Victorian Silver Gilt Acorn Earrings

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