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Highly collectible Victorian Mizpah Gold And Diamond Locket Ring


Modelled in 18 carat gold the face of the ring is decorated with three ivy leaves set with three small old cut diamonds. But there is a secret! The face hinges open to reveal the word 'Mizpah' - The word mizpah comes from the Hebrew word for watchtower. It may be loosely interpreted as 'May God watch over you'.

It represents an emotional bond, the gravity of which was hard to articulate. Mizpah jewelry was most often given to your beloved when a long separation was in the foreseeable future.

The ivy on the front of the ring symbolises everlasting life, devotion, fidelity and loyalty.

once you understand the ivy plant it is easy to see why.

A tenacious plant that grows towards heaven, ivy forms almost inseparable bonds with the structure it chooses to cling to, both helping the other grow and reach the divine: a perfect metaphor for strongeverlasting love, especially when the beloved will be absent for a long time. (in the navy or military)


size - 7

Hallmarks for 18 carat gold, Birmingham, 1897


6mm wide at the front


Excellent condition



Victorian Mizpah Gold And Diamond Locket Ring

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