Beautiful Victorian snake chain bracelet designed as two rows of chain that has Lover's Knots around 5 cabochon garnets.

A heart with another cabochon garnet hangs from four of the knots, with one knot heart free as it holds the clasp.

The back of every locket has a glass back with woven hair inside (which can be removed and replaced with something else)

The hearts are engraved with a foliate motif.


I dont think this is a mourning piece. Contrary to belief not all pieces with hair were for mourning. I think this is a bracelet with hair from family members as tokens of love.


The hearts measure approx 15mm long.

The garnets inside the knots measure approx 8mm x 9mm 


The bracelet is 7" long


Circa 1860


weight - 26.5g


tests as 18+ carat gold


I wouldn't like to shorten this bracelet. It could be done by 5mm near the clasp but no more.

Victorian 18 Carat Garnet Heart Bracelet