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Classic Victorian acorn earrings with a difference - these are modelled in two colours of gold. A yellow gold for the acorns themselves, and an almost russet gold for the leaves and stems.The acorn hats are textured to the front, but plain on the reverse, and the leaves are so beautifully modelled.The fittings are shepherds hooks and the acorns are hollow so as to be extremely comfortable to wear. Acorns are lucky talismans, and also symbolise wisdom, potential, strength and eternal hope.In Greek mythology, the oak was a sacred tree associated with Zeus, the supreme god. To this day, Zeus’s oracle in Epirus has the sacred oak in the middle of the grove, and priests would try to uncover messages from the gods by interpreting the rustling of the oak’s leaves.26mm long, weight 2.4g

Victorian Acorn Earrings

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