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Rare full body Skeleton Ring 1724

Modelled from 18 - 22 carat gold and black enamel.

The ring depicts a full skeleton, along with emblems of mortality - an hour glass and a pick and shovel. And the words MEMENTO MORI X

The inside bears the inscription ' Sr Tho Willy Bar Ob 30 Mar 1724 aet 20'

Sir Thomas Willys was the 4th Baronet 1704 - 1725 of Fen Ditton.

There have been two baronetcies - both extinct- granted to the Willises, both in the Baronetage of England.

The Willis (also Willys) Baronetcy of Fen Ditton in Cambridgeshire, was first created in the Baronetage of England on 15 december 1641 for Thomas Willis son and heir of Inner Temple barrister and landowner Richard Willys of Fen Ditton and Horningsey., Cambridgeshire, by Jane, daughter and heir of William Henmarsh, of Ball's Park, in Ware, Hertfordshire.

As a metal detecting find this ring has plenty of wear but is still really attractive.

Size 9 and cannot be sized.

4.5mm wide

weighs 6g

A rare ring, extremely wearable and great for stacking



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