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Stunningly beautiful pair of 18 carat gold girandole day and night earrings, with repoussé gold foliate decorations, and agate cameos.


Set with four fine hardstone agate cameos on each earring, depicting three faces of Greek or Roman gods, and a larger central one of a putti or angel with wings and a horn.

Repousse is a method of decorating metals in which parts of the design are raised in relief from the back or the inside of the article by means of hammers and punches; definition and detail can then be added from the front by chasing or engraving. The name repoussé is derived from the French pousser, “to push forward.” This ancient technique, which has been used extensively throughout the history of metalworking, achieved widespread popularity in Europe during the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries.


The tops can be worn separately by sliding off the bottom part from the ear clip for a more modest 'day' look.


Each earring weighs 8.1g (16.2)


French circa 1830


Measures approx - 80mm long x 50mm wide  (or 22mm long just the tops)


Condition - immaculate

French Repousse Girandole Cameo Earrings

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