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What a beautiful ring!


Very feminine in style and colour, the enamel in shades of pinks and baby blues, accented with gold, the ring itself 18 carat gold and dates around 1830-40


The ring comprises five panels, the central panel or face of the ring being a locket, painted with a recumbant hound , probably a spaniel with his cream and tan markings, lying infront of a sky blue backdrop, framed with gold and hearts.

A dog, or hound, symbolises fidelity so this ring was probably a gift from a husband or lover, the locket probably held a lock of hair. 


The ring is a size 8 and cannot be sized.


weight - 3.8g


condition - immaculate


the last two images are from Koch  'Ringe' Anna Beatriz Chadour page 451 vol II


Rare Swiss Enamelled Amatory Locket Ring

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