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The best of it's type I have ever seen!

A beautiful, and large georgian acrostic letter shaped pendant, crafted in two colour gold, the back decorated with applied forget me nots, the front with more three dimensional flowers and leaves, and set with six gemstones Ruby, Emerald, Garnet, Amethyst, Ruby and Diamond... the first letter of every stone spelling REGARD. Nowadays 'Regard' sounds rather unromantc as we often sign off emails -' kind regards ' but historically the word Regard meant a real admiration for someone, in a romantic way.

The envelope opens to reveal a grille which would hold a scented piece of cloth, or a lock of hair from the admirer.


The envelope is held on a chain leading to a large reeded bale from which hangs a small textured heart with glass locket back.


weight - 11.5g

english circa 1820

measures 19mm x 32mm

condition - excellent (on the back a petal from the flower on the left is missing


Stunning Rare Georgian Regard Viniagrette

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