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Rare Georgian Harlequin Ring circa 1760. with gemstones rose cut diamond, emerald, coral, garnet, agate, turquoise, topaz/hessonite , sapphire, chrysoberyl and ruby. The ring is about 6.5mm wide on average, with oval cabochons (apart from the rose cut) set in high carat gold prong style settings, with open backs. It’s quite an unusual one in that they are most often flat stones with closed and foiled settings. Under a loupe the age is very clear, the stones have wear and there is much patina on the gold.


It may be a planetary ring with the stones representing  the qualities of the different planets, reflecting the keen interest in astrology and planetary influences at the time. Certain gems were perceived to have positive astrological effects.


Saturn - sapphire

Venus -agate 

Mars -red coral  

Jupiter- amethyst/yellow sapphire  

Mercury- garnet/emerald 

Sun center ruby

Venus - diamond

North Node Ketu/chrysoberyl




The ring on a ring stick says just under a 6 but it is not a circle and on the finger fits more like a 7.


There are two repairs for support- one behind the agate and one behind the diamond.



Rare Georgian Harlequin/Planetary Ring Circa 1760

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