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Rare Victorian Aluminium and amethyst bracelet.


Aluminum, discovered in the nineteenth century, was first used in jewelry in the 1850s. There was a brief period of time when Aluminum was considered more valuable than gold. Prior to commercial electricity in the early 1880s, aluminum was exceedingly difficult to extract.


Modelled as six oval plaques, each set with a faceted amethyst (14mm long x 8mm)

with an aluminium mount, set onto a gold filled base.

Alternating between the ovals are aluminium leaves, applied with a central gold ball.


I just love the way the warmth of the gold colour contrasts with the icy aluminium

It is customary for aluminium jewelry is set using gold fill and not gold.


Rare and beautiful


English circa 1850


Measures 6.5" long


width - 25mm 

ovals 25mm x 18mm


Excellent condition


Wonderful Rare Aluminium And Amethyst Bracelet

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