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I have never seen anything like this!


A beautiful high carat gold collar in the style of the snake type gold and enamel collars, but this one has the head of an eagle


The top of the head is set with a foiled diamond in a gold pinched collet setting, with a black enamel border.

There are two more diamonds for his eyes. In his beak I am sure he would have carried a nice fat diamond drop, but it has long gone, and actually he is more modern looking without it.


His body (the chain) is made from hundreds of cut out gold hearts, each one patterned with scrolls, and they are all set onto a graduated chain which opens at the centre back with a gold clasp and safety catch.


He has a tail, or stylised feather, which wraps around the chain so that the head acts as a weight for the lariat style design.


The piece is in immaculate condition and is just over 16" wearable length 


weight - 71.5g


gold - high carat yellow gold


diamond in head 6mm x 4.5mm


no hallmarks


Rare 19th Century High Carat Gold Eagle Collar

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