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Outstanding 18 carat gold witches heart snake padlock, hanging from a tubular mesh chain.

The heart is decorated with super fine beadwork and wirework that no jeweller can reproduce today, it is so fine. There is a single ruby to the front, and a turquoise to the rear. The gold is a rich yellow.

The snake head is set with an emerald and tiny diamonds for eyes.

The witches heart hinges open to expose a glass locket panel (empty but would have held a lock of hair from a beloved person)


The chain is made from fine lengths of plaited gold, attached to the padlock by gold rings.


It is likely that this is a sentimental piece rather than a mourning piece.


Probably french, circa 1780 - 1800

weighs - 24.5g

the chain is 18.5" long

heart measures - 49mm x 27mm


Excellent condition


Rare 18 Carat Gold Georgian Snake Padlock With Mesh Chain

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