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Wonderful french musical seal which dates to around 1870 ( May be earlier - music box may have been changed with the the fashions) The music it plays is by Johannes Brahms, his, and the worlds, most famous lullaby - ‘Weigenlied, Cradle Song’ which he wrote in 1868.The fob is designed with a wicker effect base, and a long elegant stem and handle which you twist to wind the piece up (after first flicking the catch on) When wound you release the catch to let the fob play, which it does, perfectly. The base is an uncut sardonyx agate. I think this would make a wonderful Christening present. The base could be cut with the babies name. To avoid copyright breaches this app is silent so message me and I can send you the fob playing! (I will also put it on my website on Sunday) Weight - 30.9g57mm tall. Base 30mm x 25mmFrench marks on the winder see

Antique French Musical Fob Circa 1870

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