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Quirky early 19th Century Hound bracelet, designed as carved running dogs, graduating in size, each strung on two parallel strands of beads, and spaced apart by four beads.


This bracelet would have been sold in Italy circa 1820 to European tourists who were doing “The Grand Tour” as it was known.

This was the 18th and 19th century custom of a traditional trip through Europe undertaken by upper class young European men of sufficient means and rank (typically accompanied by a chaperone, such as a family member) when they had come of age. 


Carved from coral with an 18 carat gold gold box clasp.

Wearable length - 6.5"

Box clasp - 10mm x 12mm

weight - 15.5g

widest part of bracelet - 25mm (narrowest 10mm)


Good antique condition

Grand Tour Hound Bracelet

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