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Magical Georgian heart locket, the heart carved from bloodstone and polished into a cabochon, wth a surround of small natural pearls. It hangs from a smaller bloodstone, with a similar pearl surround, the bloodstone carved with the intaglio of an elephant.

The pearls are all set in high carat gold, with cut down settings.


The back of the heart locket is fitted with a heart shaped glass  which would have held hair but is now empty.


The  gold surround is engraved 'Hannah A Grey 1802, Pensá chi t'ama' - Think about those who love you (an elephant never forgets)


Perhaps a young Italian man visited England (the style of the piece is very english) and fell for Hannah and gave her this as a token of his affections. Or perhaps she was on a Grand Tour in 1802, and he fell for her and had this pieve made especially for her, with the little elephant reminding her to never forget.


Weight - 3.9g

English - 1802

Measures - 35mm long x 16mm

Good antique condition, a small wear on the 'handle' of the heart (see pic)


A truly magical piece



Romantic Georgian Bloodstone Heart With Elephant Intaglio

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