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Outstanding Christ On The Cross Pendant

Museum quality 17th Century Domed Glass Pendant of The Crucified Christ.

Christ is modelled in fine three dimensional relief in high carat gold (probably 22 carat) He is mounted on a gold and old cut diamond cross; at the base of the cross there is a white and black enamelled skull and cross bones - remember you must die. Remember he died to save us all.

The background is etched on a silver back plate, there is the backdrop of the city of Jerusalem, clouds, and a mirrored sun that also forms Christ's halo, with gold three dimensional rays that also form wings.

I.N.R.I. is written on a gold and black enamel banner just above the cross, on the sun. I.N.R.I is the abbreviation for Jesus Nazarenus, Rex Judeorum - Jesus Of The Nazareth, King Of The Jews. In Latin the I and the J are usually interchangeable and ancient Latin did not use the J, which is why it is INRI and not JNRJ.

It was common for the Romans to hang a 'titulus' or sign above the crucified to indicate the charges against him.

The Virgin and St John stand either side of Jesus, also made from finely modelled three dimensional high carat gold, their halos engraved onto the silver background.

Two arrows or a pick and shovel lie behind the skull and crossbones.

The pendant measures - 70mm x 57mm

Weighs - 85.5g

And is covered by a large heavy domed glass. The back is plain gold (no inscription)

Dates to around 1680 and is probably European.

The condition is immaculate apart from a chip to the glass on the left hand side lets say 8.30pm and 5.30pm. These have been polished and do not distract from the beauty of the piece.

Christ On The Cross

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