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#justfound Stunning Berlin Iron Bracelet circa 1820. 50mm wide and 6 3/4” wearable length.  Read more about Berlin Iron on my website here -, what was so great about jewelry made from an inexpensive, dark, and dull material like iron? Well, at the very beginning of its production at the turn of the 18th century, Berlin iron was popular as a material used in mourning jewelry. With a matte black lacquer finish - used to prevent rust - it presented an appropriately somber and affordable choice for those grieving the loss of loved ones. The process involved molding wax which was then pressed into sand, creating a mold into which molten iron could be poured. The pieces were then hand-finished with the black lacquer. Berlin iron is said to have first been made in the Gleiwitz Foundry in Silesia, Prussia, in the 1790s, but production was soon taken over by the Royal Berlin Foundry (Königliche Eisengiesserei bei Berlin) in 1804, also situated in Prussia at that time, and from which it takes its name. - available now DM for details #berlinironbracelet 

Antique Berlin Iron Bracelet

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