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Really unusual and gorgeous 18 carat gold spinner fob, probably french, the gold work finely modelled as two snakes holding an agate stone in their mouths, one at each end, that has been carved into a scarab one side, and the underside carved with the Greek giant Anax, spelt here Anex wearing armour and holding a spear.

The rim of the base is set all the way round with a variety of gemstones.

ANAX and ASTERIOS (Asterius) were father and son giants of the island of Lade near Miletos in Lydia, Anatolia. They stood about 15 feet tall.

The pair were probably connected with the other giants of Lydian myth--Damasen, Atlas, and Hyllos.

The stones are - bloodstone, Opal, amethyst, emerald, chrysoberyl or maybe labradorite, citrine, moonstone, banded agate, emerald.

Measures 42mm long and 35mm wide

Weight 14.5g

In excellent condition, small chip near the entrance to one of the holes on the agate.

Outstanding Harlequin Snake Spinner Fob

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