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Couldn’t resist could I? A large, highly ornate spoon for serving berries and or nuts, decorated with squirrels!

The bowl of the spoon is elaborately pierced and engraved and had a top part with a silver squirrel looking over the edge at all the berries or nuts. The bowl and the neck of the spoon are also gilded.

The top of the spoon has another finely modelled squirrel, sitting on his hind legs and eating a nut with his front paws.

27.3cm x 7cm and weighing 146.3g . Top squirrel 32mm tall, bottom squirrel 33mm long

Engraved monogram ‘AWB’

Hallmarked for Sterling silver and maker - Brown Spaulding and Co who was active until 1871 in New York..

There are many experts in gems and jewels, both in this country and throughout the Old World, but in Henry Abiram Spaulding, head of the celebrated house of Spaulding & Co., Chicago possesses one whose opportunities to inform himself almost infallibly in all departments of the lore of the jeweler’s art have not been surpassed by those of any other connoisseur in the Old World or the New; and, as few men have had more to do with the extension of the American jewelry trade in foreign lands than Mr. Spaulding, his career has attracted the widest notice and comment, and is one which must prove exceptionally interesting, not only to the student of international commerce, but especially to citizens of Chicago who desire to know something of their most successful contemporary. Mr. Spaulding In 1857 was offered and accepted a place in the great New York establishment of Ball, Black & Co., at the time America’s leading and the world famous jewelry house. There he was afforded exceptional opportunity to acquire knowledge of gems and jewels, which he perfected in his subsequent experience. His connection with this house continued until 1864, when he engaged in the jewelry trade for himself, in New York, as a member of the firm of Browne & Spaulding, which was in existence until 1871. Attracted by his success, the celebrated house of Tiffany & Co. made him a most flattering proposition to become its general representative in Europe; and in 1871 he entered upon a memorably successful career with this establishment, which resulted in the bestowal upon it of prestige such as no other American house ever had, and ended only when Mr. Spaulding engaged in his present enterprise in Chicago. During the whole period of, his connection with Tiffany & Co. Mr. Spaulding had headquarters in Paris, France. Probably no other man, certainly no other American, has had such an opportunity as was his to examine the world’s famous gems.”

Source: Industrial Chicago – Volume 4 – 1894

Antique Silver Squirrel Themed Spoon For Nuts And Berries

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