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Laura Isabel

Stunning large 18 carat gold book pendant dated 1908

The front of the rectangular book is flush set with rubies and rose cut diamonds fashioned as hearts and ribbons, and diagonally across the name LAURA ISABEL, the initials in rubies.

The book has three pages (so six sides) and the first three are engraved as best as I can understand with -

'Nacio en Chihuahua el 23 de Marzo de 1906 . se bautizo el 8 de Obre del mismo ano. Padres Otto Viuoky Emilia Vietelsen Dediuok. Padrinas dr c elias y emilia meuller de elias. roma 28 Febrero 1908 Pius X’

'He was born in Chihuahua on March 23, 1906. He was baptized on October 8 of the same year. Parents Otto Viuoky Emilia Vietelsen Dediuok. Godmothers Dr C Elias and Emilia Meuller of Elias.

Rome February 28, 1908 Pius X’

The fitted ivorine box is lined with cream silk and velvet and printed -

'F.W. Sander

Wren, Juwlen u. Goldwaren


Georgstrasse 4'

I am guessing that although the writing translates as he it means she.

So Laura Isabel (from Hanover, Germany) was born in Chihuahua Mexico and baptised in Rome.

The book measures 42mm x 30mm

It weighs 49g

18 Carat gold

Condition - excellent

Antique Diamond And Ruby Book Locket

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