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Beautiful and rare micro ivory ring circa 1800 by Francesco Tanadei depicting Cupid and Psyche- the butterfly representing Psyche and her innocence before sexual awakening.The oval face measures about 18mm x 14mm. The  shank (later added)  is just under a size 7 (See final pic for another I had) Francesco Tanadei was born in Locarno, Switzerland in 1771 and died in Turin, Italy in 1828.  He was introduced to sculpture by Antonio Pelleago. He worked with Giuseppe Maria Banzanigo Bellinzona, and it was with Bellinzona that Tanadei was introduced to micro carving and became skilled at wood and ivory carving. -Tanadei exhibited ivory murals with mythological motifs at Turin, which were popular during an earlier art period. He also did a large amount of carvings of flower arrangements that were used in jewelry.-In 1809, Tanadei exhibited at the Academy of Sciences in Turin, earning him the 1812 “wood and ivory artist of his Majesty the Governor General, Prince Camillo Borghese.” In 1816, he was named wood and ivory carver to King Victor Emmanuel I. In 1819, Tanadei participated in the Paris Salon where he again exhibited some of his micro carvings and was honored with many awards. -Tanadei did micro-work until he was about 30 years old, then his vision began to diminish rapidly, which made carving microscopic details too difficult.-Typical of Tanadei carvings are arrangements consisting of tiny, ivory flowers. These carvings were created as independent artworks, or for jewelry. He created miniature, silhouette portraits and reliefs until his death .-A similar jewelry set is part of the Bullock collection at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. It consists of a necklace of nine large oval medallions, two bracelets, and a buckle of three ovals. There are also gold versions in filigree. Some other themes of Tanadei’s carvings are pigeons, musical instruments, putti, mythological figures, and religious figures.Size - justunder a 7 

Micro Carved Cherub And Psyche Ring