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Early Victorian Diamond St Esprit Dove Circa 1850

Beautiful and scarce, these St Esprit doves are hard to come by.

This beautiful piece was created in around 1850. The cushion cut and old cut diamonds are set in silver open settings with a gold back. This gives the piece a really beautiful sparkle.

Each wing boasts 17 old cut and cushion cut diamonds and the main body 18 diamonds, the central cushion cut at least half a carat.

This means there are a total of of 52 diamonds plus 2 rubies for eyes, plus 11 more diamonds on the drop including the central rose cut which measures 7 x 5mm

These are in a closed and foiled setting with a silver back


The wing span measures 32mm 

beak to tail 40mm

tear drop - 14.5 x 11mm

weight - 5g


The tear drop in the beak of the dove is all original but was probably from a different piece of jewelry. It has a closed back setting and is probably slightly earlier


condition - immaculate


A beautiful and very rare and collectible piece


To read more about Doves in antique jewelry read my blog below -


Early Victorian Diamond St Esprit Dove Circa 1850

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