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Gorgeous double snake brooch, the two intertwined snakes highly decorated with black patterened enamel, holding a crosshatched ball in their open mouthes. The snakes heads are decorated with diamonds and they have diamond eyes. The ends of their tails are also decorated with diamonds. I love how the snakes are almost symmetrical- but not quite, enhancing the unique artistry of the maker.

Hanging from the ball is a black enamel heart, decorated with a diamond crown and the initials 'A E' .


The back of the heart bears the inscription 'In memory of my dear mother born 21 June 1769, died Aug 16th 1848' The heart hinges open to reveal a glass locket which also hinges open, to store hair or some such memento.


18 carat gold, enamel and diamonds


Measures approx -70mm long x 37mm wide

Heart - 20mm x 19mm


Weight - 20g


Condition - excellent

Double Snake Brooch With Heart

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